2012-12-06Essen 2012 success

It was a great success for us this year. All of the new games are published gradually by our foreign partners, the majority of the other language versions will be finished by the end of the year.

Even Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar is in first place on the chart of games from Essen 2012and our fans are certainly not idle as they have already translated the rulebook on their own, for example these Spanish and Hungarian translations of Tzolk'in and Italian translation of Goblins Inc.

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en Rio Grande Games Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
de Heidelberger Tzolk’in: Der Maya-Kalender
fr IELLO Tzolk’in: le calendrier maya
it Cranio Creations Tzolk’in: Il calendario Maya
pl Rebel.pl Tzolk’in: Kalendarz Majów
cs MindOK Tzolk’in: Mayský kalendář
nl The Game Master Tzolk'in: De kalender van de Maya’s

en Rio Grande Games Goblins Inc.
de Heidelberger Goblins Inc.
fr IELLO Goblins Inc.
cs MindOK Goblini s.r.o.

DLe box
en Z-Man Games Dungeon Lords: Festival Season
de Heidelberger Dungeon Lords: Die fünfte Jahreszeit
fr IELLO Dungeon Lords: Foire aux Monstres
cs MindOK Vládci podzemí: Festival

GT3 box
en Rio Grande Games Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion
de Heidelberger Galaxy Trucker: Noch eine große Erweiterung
fr IELLO Galaxy Trucker: encore une grosse extension
cs REXhry Galaxy Trucker: Další velké rozšíření

Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition
en Rio Grande Games Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition
de Heidelberger Galaxy Trucker: Jubiläumsausgabe
fr IELLO Galaxy Trucker: édition anniversaire
cs REXhry Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition